Loucy Louder: Foc Music

Cem Tan, Thomas Prestin, Tilman Porschuetz at Bauhaus University in Weimar 2009

Loucy Louder & MXZEHN 25 Masterpieces per Second

On the furthest European outpost, the Bosporus, a city lies of ancient dimensions. A choir of muezzins is chanting into the haze between Asia and Europe. Bahadir Hamdemir, Stefan Kraus, Thomas Prestin, and Tilman Porschuetz traveled to Istanbul and met the Turkish drum virtuoso Cem Tan. A spirit who immediately possessed the group of visitors. He brought with him the wisdom of shaman, supersonic speed, and a wonderful distrust in rationality.

Loucy Louder (music) and MXZEHN (video) are an improvisation band, far beyond the experiment. Not tied to limitations, they are able to pet the audience with a floating breeze, or drive the devil out of them at the same time - Never ending climaxes. With your first orgasm you’ll know, they were not breeding in the laboratory, but chasing after the realities of life.

MXZEHN is widely known for minimal video feedback orgies, that extend the media
and become an abstract vocabulary. Their room invading projections are embedding
the musicians into a landscape of fragments, bits, bytes, colors, and shapes - A digital fog of war with the imaginary power of clouds in an August night. MXZEHN (Stefan Kraus, Bahadir Hamdemir), are following closely, with each pixel of their live multi-screen HD projections.

FOC MUZIK, a game on words. Fucking, fog, and Babylon - every one in this project lost them self. FOC MUZIK is a language itself, an organ, a mediator, an anchor, or someone to talk to. It’s the first album published on Shalom Salon released in MP4, wherefore music and video are in perfect digital fusion.
The band will be playing festivals and live concerts from jazz to electronica
preferable in Europe in 2010.

With this release Shalom Salon is becoming a serious international open-source
net-label and studio with the aim to publish any kind of cross-media and cross-genre artwork. Shalom Salon is aiming to extend the variety of mass-culture formats and give space for publications that will use the full capacity of modern Internet distribution. All Shalom Salon publications are copyright protected by the Creative Commons license and free of charge.


FOC MUZIK by Loucy Louder & MXZEHN 25 Masterpieces per Second

Shalom Salon 2009


Loucy Louder is

Cem Tan (drums)

Thomas Prestin (saxophone, bass clarinet)

Tilman Porschuetz (guitar, electronics)

MXZEHN 25 Masterpieces per Second are

Stefan Kraus (digital video circuit)

Bahadir Hamdemir (analog video circuit)

FeatureMartin Koecher (tuba)

RecordedbyTim Helbig and Anatol Kempker 


2009Video Recordedin HD1080i50 by Stefan Kraus /