Manifestation of Somethingelse

There is something else erupting with endless beauty in front of us, something so big so ineffable. We're the only ones who can't see it. Besides it's not something that can be seen by looking at it. All other species living on the planet, except us, are part of it. It is both ancient and endlessly new, hidden from the eyes of man. Once you see it, everything else looks so shallow, so poor in meaning. Some of you may know what i'm talking about. Sometimes you get caught up with it naturally without doing anything at all or somethimes it's there when you play a guitar.

I love making music,i play what i call 'Free Form' which makes the transition softer. The word free here doesn't necessarily mean to be free to do whatever you want. It means to be free from yourself, the self being the form. When you're free from the form, you become something like a cosmic receiver or an antenna, and the universe speaks through you. And when it does, you receive it as a full composition, as a whole. No matter how many you are, the orchestra becomes one unit. It's like seeing the same dream with another person. This is more then music. What's going on here is a transformation.

It is so easy to sound extremely pretentious and also didactic when talking about this kind of music and its process, but thankfully the music explains itself.

Cem Tan

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